Carbine 2 (8 hours, 400 rounds rifle, 50 rounds pistol)
Carbine 2 is the second day in our series of carbine courses. Carbine 2 will push students to apply the marksmanship fundamentals and weapon handling skills from Carbine 1, to a variety of newly taught skills including movement, use of cover / concealment, support-side shooting positions, and improvised shooting positions. Students will learn how to identify and remedy five rifle malfunctions which can fixed through remedial action.

Students will receive instruction and practice in shooting while moving, and movement in between shooting positions. Students will learn why the saying “move only as fast as you can shoot” is a misnomer which only applies to a limited number of situations, and how students can improve the speed and accuracy of their first shots on target when moving to a new shooting position or position of cover.

Students will perform these skills under the watchful eyes of experienced rifle instructors who will provide each student with individualized feedback and analysis for improvement, in a performance-based manner. Students will shoot a number of dynamic skill-building drills which will help to build their comfort performing under stress with an elevated heart rate.

Other topics include:

-Basic Rifle Marksmanship and weapon handling review
-Transitions to secondary weapons
-Principles of movement
-Multiple target engagements
-Using cover and concealment
-Improvised shooting positions
-Offset and POA/POI as it applies to CQB and weapon cant
-Rifle malfunctions and remedial action
-Support side shooting
-Shooting under stress / elevated heart rate
-Performance based training objectives


Prerequisites: Students must have completed Carbine 1 with adequate performance to attend Carbine 2. Carbine 2 is a faster-paced, more skills-intensive course than Carbine 1. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns prior to registering for Carbine 2. We are happy to help our prior students honestly evaluate their strengths and areas for improvement prior to registering for an advanced skills class.

Equipment: Range gear, AR-15 (or similar) semi-automatic rifle equipped with a tactical sling, with at least three magazines. Handgun with holster and spare magazine. 400 rifle rounds, 50 pistol rounds. No green tip, AP or steel core rounds allowed due to the damage they can cause to steel targets. Appropriate range and fighting gear per your assignment or situation.