Intermediate Scoped Rifle (1 or 2 day, 150 rounds per day)
Intermediate scoped rifle is designed for shooters who have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship, though no long range shooting experience is necessary. Instruction is geared primarily towards intermediate caliber, semi-automatic, magazine-fed rifles such as the AR-15 / AR-10 though bolt action rifles can be used with an understanding of their differences from their semi-automatic counterparts. The skills learned in this class will be useful for any student looking for instruction in engaging targets out to 600 yards, whether law enforcement, military, long-range hunter or competitive shooter.

Students will learn the skills necessary to maximize their odds of scoring first round hits on their target at extended ranges. Instruction will cover equipment setup, fundamentals of marksmanship as pertaining to precision-shooting, reading the wind, and using MIL/MOA reticles. Students will learn how to use ballistic software on their smartphones to calculate bullet drop and wind drift. With the guidance of experienced instructors, shooters will be taught how to “true” this data – providing them with the ability to calculate a reliable firing solution for long-range targets in any location, condition or altitude.

This class will run approximately 10 hours per day, with a short lunch.

Topics include:

-Fundamentals of basic rifle marksmanship
-External ballistics, ballistic calculators, dope cards
-Rifle setup (selecting and properly mounting optics, bipods, slings, etc)
-Shooting with a magnified optic (eye relief, parallax, over-magnification, etc)
-Proper use of a bipod
-Dialing elevation vs. holdovers
-Understanding MOAs and MILs
-Dot Drills
-Cold bore shots
-Calling misses & rapid follow up shots
-Wind calls
-Engagements to 500+ yards (range specific)
-Maintaining a log book
-Spotter responsibilities and communication

-Elevated heart rate & shooting under stress

Students should have prior carbine training, with a firm grasp on the fundamentals of basic rifle marksmanship and weapon handling. Your rifle should be setup and zeroed prior to the start of class. If you struggle grouping or zeroing your rifle at 100 yards, please consider attending Carbine 1 prior to attending this specialized course. Students should be healthy and in reasonable physical condition as this course can be physically demanding.

Instruction is geared towards lightweight, magazine-fed, semi-automatic AR-15/AR-10 style rifles, however bolt guns can be used with an understanding of their different characteristics. Intermediate calibers, .223, 6.5mm, .308 are most appropriate for this class. Magnum caliber rifles are not appropriate for this class.

Magnified optic. A quality, variable powered scope which allows you to dial elevation and windage and/or with a ranging reticle (MOA, MILS or BDC) is required. 1-4x, 1-6x, 2.5-10x, 4-16x optics will work well for this class. Please bring any tools you may need to adjust or re-mount your optic (allen wrenches, screwdriver, extra batteries, etc).

We will shoot no more than 150 rounds of ammunition per day. Match grade / duty ammunition is highly recommended. Reloads are allowed, but please be consistent in your ammunition choice. This is not the time to test various hand loads.

Range gear (eye and ear protection). Soft ear protection is highly recommended to ensure a good cheek weld on your rifle.

Note-taking equipment or log book (pen and pencil / notepad at minimum)

Food, water, bug spray and sunscreen.


Other equipment that is recommended, though not required:
-Shooting mat
-Shooting bag(s)
-Pack / ruck
-Spotting scope & tripod
-Laser range finder
-Ballistics app / ballistic calculator
-Folding chair
-Knee pads