Low Light Pistol (300 rounds, 8 hours)

A large percentage of shootings occur in reduced-light environments, but darkness does not have to be a hindrance – it can be our ally. In our one day low-light pistol course, students will learn about the physiological aspects of human vision as well as techniques and tactics to utilize lighting tools and darkness to their advantage in a deadly force encounter. This course will take place in both the classroom and on the range, firing live ammunition in reduced light conditions.

Topics covered include:

-Facts and statstics of low-light engagements
-Physiology of the human eye
-Proper use of light to navigate, communicate, locate, identify and control
-Improper applications of illumination
-The Principles of Lighting
-The OODA loop applied in reduced-light environments
-Selection of handheld and weapon mounted lights
-Luminescent pistols sights
-Low-light engagement tactics
-Shooting techniques with handheld lights
-Shooting techniques with weapon mounted lights
-Marksmanship & Weapon handling in reduced light

Prerequisites: Students should be experienced shooters with prior documented training, competition experience or other similar experience. This is not a class for beginner shooters. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us before registering.

Equipment: Handgun, holster, three magazines and 300 rounds of pistol ammunition. Range gear including ear and eye protection (clear shooting glasses are strongly recommended – you will not be allowed to shoot with dark tinted lenses). Each student must bring at least one handheld flashlight, even if their pistol is equipped with a weapon mounted light. A second (backup) flashlight as well as spare batteries is strongly recommended. A weapon mounted light is recommended though not required. If you use a weapon mounted light, you will need a holster that allows the pistol to be holstered with the light attached.