Pistol 1 (8 hours, 350 rounds)

“There is no such thing as an advanced skill – only mastery of the fundamentals”.

In any gunfight, the ability to quickly and efficiently apply the fundamentals of marksmanship is equally imperative as using appropriate tactics and good decision making. This eight-hour pistol class will challenge developing and advanced shooters alike, redefining their standards for accuracy and speed.

Instructors will help students break down the fundamentals of pistol shooting and gun-handling in a logical and personalized way most shooters have never experienced before. Students will learn to increase their speed by improving their efficiency, improve their accuracy at all distances, and push the effective range of their pistol to 50 yards any beyond. Pistol 1: Pistol Fundamentals is your first step to becoming a better shooter.

Topics covered include:
-Fundamentals of marksmanship
-The neglected fundamental: Follow through
-Improving the efficiency of the draw and reloads
-Shot cadence, timing and how to shoot faster
-Correcting shooter errors
-Increasing speed through economy of motion
-Accuracy at 25 yards and beyond
-Dry fire training drills

Requirements: Pistol with 3 mags, holster and mag pouches. 350 rounds ammunition, appropriate range gear. Students should have prior shooting experience and be able to safely and comfortably conduct basic manipulations of their weapon system.