Pistol 2 (8 hours, 350 rounds)
Pistol 2 is the second day in our series of pistol classes. Building off the foundation of fundamental marksmanship and gun-handling skills learned in Pistol 1 – Pistol 2 will expand the student’s knowledge base covering a broader range of skills that will be needed to prevail in a lethal-force encounter.

Two Day Performance Pistol covers:
-Review of basic pistol marksmanship and accuracy check
-Review of reloads and weapon handling
-Movement: Shooting while moving versus moving then shooting
-Building speed
-Multiple targets / target transitions
-“Changing gears”
-Critical thinking

Prerequisites: Students must have successfully completed Pistol 1 to attend Pistol 2.

Required Equipment: Range gear, semi-automatic pistol with 3 magazines and 350 rounds of pistol ammunition. Holster, belt, and magazine pouches.