Low Light Pistol – March 25, 2017 (Lodi, WI)


Low Light Pistol
Saturday March 25, 2017
8am – 4pm
Winnequah Gun Club (Indoor Range)
Lodi, WI

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Low Light Pistol (300 rounds, 8 hours)

A large percentage of shootings occur in reduced-light environments, but darkness does not have to be a hindrance – it can be our ally. In our one day low-light pistol course, students will learn about the physiological aspects of human vision as well as techniques and tactics to utilize lighting tools and darkness to their advantage in a deadly force encounter.

Topics covered include:

-Strategies of low-light engagements
-Proper use of light to navigate, communicate, locate, identify and control
-Improper applications of illumination
-The Principles of Lighting
-Selecting Illumination tools
-The OODA loop applied in reduced-light environments
-Selection of handheld and weapon mounted lights
-Luminescent pistols sights
-Low-light engagement tactics
-Shooting techniques with handheld lights
-Shooting techniques with weapon mounted lights
-Marksmanship & Weapon handling in reduced light