About Us

Performance on Demand Shooting LLC has been training armed professionals and armed citizens in the State of Wisconsin since 2014. Our performance-based philosophy and high instructor to student ratios allows us to provide individualized coaching to every student who attends a training – creating an environment where every student can see personal growth and improvement in their shooting abilities.

Our shooting curriculum is grounded in two simple truths: to be a successful shooter, regardless of application, you must be able to perform the fundamentals of marksmanship on demand AND speed is the economy of motion – efficient movements and firearm manipulations.

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Mike Mohr

Co-Owner / Instructor
Mike has served as a deputy Sheriff for almost 20 years, during which time he was worked in corrections, patrol, and on SWAT as an assaulter, assistant team leader and team leader. He currently serves as his SWAT Team’s lead firearms instructor and as a full-time training deputy with his agency’s training team. Mike has a broad range of WI DOJ LE Instructor certifications, has served on various state LE curriculum development boards, holds armorer certifications on various weapons platforms, and has testified as an expert witness in criminal trials. In his spare time, Mike shoots USPSA in the Carry Optics Division and enjoys working on cars.

Pete Schreier

Co-Owner / Instructor
Since learning to shoot in the Boy Scouts at a young age, Pete has had a passion for firearms. Pete served with the US Army’s 10th Mountain Division, completing tours in both Kosovo and Iraq, and then for five years as a deputy sheriff. Pete currently works in the firearms industry as a full-time firearms instructor and range officer, working with law enforcement, private citizens and military personal on a daily basis. In his spare time, Pete shoots USPSA in the Carry Optics Division after making A class in Production Division. When not on the range, Pete enjoys cooking and spending time with his wife and daughters.

Adrian Alan

Co-Owner / Instructor

Adrian Alan first took up shooting in college before beginning his law enforcement career in 2005 in the State of South Dakota. After returning to his home state of Wisconsin, Adrian worked for a metropolitan police department for ten years, serving in patrol, on a crime-suppression unit, and on his agency’s SWAT team, including five years as a police sniper. A law enforcement firearms instructor for almost 15-years, Adrian has taught at all levels of law enforcement, holding various WI DOJ LE Instructor Certifications and has assisted in curriculum development for the Law Enforcement Standards Board. He currently works full time in the firearms industry as a training director and maintains status as a part-time deputy sheriff. He enjoys competitive long range shooting, hunting, fishing and working on his rural property with his family.

Jeremy White

Adjunct Instructor

Jeremy White joined the Performance on Demand Shooting team in 2018. A rock-solid shooter and passionate instructor, Jeremy has served as a full-time deputy sheriff in the State of Wisconsin since 2007. During his time in law enforcement, Jeremy has worked corrections, patrol, and SWAT, currently serving as an Assistant Team Leader on his agency’s entry platoon. Prior to entering law enforcement, Jeremy was a law enforcement specialist in the US Navy, spending time in Bahrain and Sicily. The coveted Performance on Demand Shooting has Jeremy wears was earned in class, prior joining the team as an instructor.