We can provide law enforcement agencies, technical colleges, security firms, and other government organizations with customized training to meet the specific needs of their officers or employees. Our cadre has years of experience training patrol and SWAT officers in firearms, decision-making and tactics. As active law enforcement officers, SWAT members and instructors, we are continuously evaluating and updating the tactics, techniques and procedures we teach. Our goal is to ensure our students receive instruction consistent with what we believe are the best practices in any subject area.

We can provide training for your officers on a variety of topics:
-High-risk vehicle contacts
-Officer down rescue / TCCC
-Immediate Action / Rapid Deployment (Active Shooter)
-Building Searches and Room Clearing
-Open and wooded area clearing
-Small unit tactics and movement under fire
-Providing K9 / handler security & support during high-risk tracks
-Marksmanship refreshers
-Low light firearms instruction
-Off duty / plain clothed shooting and tactics
-AR-15 maintenance & inspection for armorers or end-users
-Other training topics within our knowledge/experience upon request

Contact us directly at info@podshooting.com for more information and training requests.