Carbine 1 – October 3, 2020 – Waunakee, WI


Carbine 1 – Open Enrollment
Saturday October 3rd, 2020
8am – 4:30 pm
Dane County Law Enforcement Training Center
Waunakee, WI

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Carbine 1 (8 hours, 350 rounds rifle)

Carbine 1 takes an in-depth, performance-based approach to teaching the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship and efficient gun handling, laying a foundation of necessary skills any individual will need to progress as a combat shooter.

Students will learn learn the skills and techniques needed to maximize the accuracy of their weapon system, and how to increase their speed through economy of motion and efficient weapon handling techniques. Shooters will not only leave with the skills needed to improve as carbine shooters, they will understand the reasons behind the critical concepts presented in class so they can continue to develop skills on their own through dry and live-fire practice.

It is a must-attend day of rifle training beneficial to both the developing, and advanced shooter.

Other topics of instruction include:
-Safety discussion
-External ballistics, zero selection and zeroing
-Eliminating shooter induced malfunctions
-Equipment setup – slings, optics, mags, lube, etc
-Detailed instruction & analysis of rifle marksmanship out to 100 yards
-Correcting shooter errors
-Establishing natural point of aim & building neuro-muscular pathways
-Common shooting positions (prone, kneeling, standing)
-Conducting efficient weapon manipulations
-Training to shoot faster
-Introduction to barricade positions
-Improving speed & accuracy of presentations (first shot on target)
-Target transitions & multiple shots
-Throttle control
-Training philosophy & how to practice

Requirements: Semi-automatic carbine with 3 magazines, tactical sling (we recommend 2-point adjustable slings), mag pouch or way to carry a magazine. Appropriate range gear. 350 rounds rifle. While this class can accommodate a broad range of skills, this is not a class for students who have never shot a carbine before. Students should at a minimum, understand how to perform basic manipulations of their carbine, and have an understanding of basic marksmanship skills. We have had new shooters as well as experienced SWAT officers, military and highly-skilled competitive shooters through this class at the same. Our performance-based curriculum is designed to make sure each individual student is pushed regardless of their skill level, to maximize their training time on the range.