Carbine 1 (April 24th, 2021 – Waunakee, WI)



April 24th, 2021
Dane County Law Enforcement Training Center
5184 WI-19
Waunakee, WI 56597


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Carbine 1 is an 1-day (8 hour) training course focusing heavily on the fundamentals of basic rifle marksmanship and efficient weapon manipulations to improve accuracy and speed. Instructors break down the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship in an in-depth manner to help diagnose shooter errors and correct common misconceptions about rifle marksmanship that plague the firearms training industry. Our performance-based teaching philosophy ensures that shooters of a broad range of skill levels will benefit from the class, however it is not for brand-new shooters. At a minimum, students should be comfortable and safe handling their firearm, though they do not have to be good shooters.

We have had great success running this course with newer, developing shooters working along side veteran armed professionals. Often in law enforcement and military basic training, the fundamentals of marksmanship are neglected, or once they are taught, are no longer practiced. This course will help all students, regardless of their current skill level maximize their accuracy behind the rifle, and build their shooting and weapon handling speed.

Topics of instruction include:
-Safety &  Med brief
-Proper loading and unloading procedure
-Zeroing distance and procedure
-Basic rifle marksmanship out to 100 yards
-Traditional Shooting positions (prone, kneeling, standing)
-Multiple shots and recoil management
-Target transitions
-Clearing a basic malfunction
-Introduction to supported barricade shooting
-Finale Drill (high shooter is awarded PODS hat)

Student equipment:
-A lightweight 5.56/.223 (or similar) carbine (instruction is geared towards the AR-15, though other carbines can be used in class. It is recommended students avoid brining HBAR, target rifles, 7.62 carbines to this course)
-A low-power optic (red dot, red dot with magnifier, LPVO, etc) is recommended
-3 standard capacity magazines (30 rounds recommended)
-Good belt and magazine pouch
-300 rifle rounds (at least 100 rounds must be ok to shoot steel – i.e. no green tip/M855, AP, tracer, etc)
-Eye and ear protection
-Appropriate clothing for range & weather conditions (we will shoot in all weather conditions unless it is dangerous)
-Bugspray, suncreen, water & snacks (you will get about a 45 minute lunch break)