Pistol 1 (May 15th, 2021 – Waunakee, WI)



May 15th, 2021
Dane County Law Enforcement Training Center
5184 WI-19
Waunakee, WI 56597

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Pistol 1 is the shooting class every pistol shooter needs. A 1-day (8 hour) training course, Pistol 1 breaks down the fundamentals of marksmanship and basic weapon handling skills in a simple and in-depth manner most shooters have never experienced. Many shooters have picked up bad information or bad habits either on their own or through previous formal firearms training.

Applicable to all shooters regardless of their focus (self-defense, competition, recreation, armed professional), instructors will work one on one with students to get them shooting straighter, more consistently, and faster than before. Like Carbine 1, Pistol 1 is not for a brand new, first-time shooter. While we can accommodate a wide variety of student backgrounds and skill levels, at a minimum students should be comfortable manipulating and firing rounds from a handgun. We originally developed this class to specifically help law enforcement officers who had received formal firearms training in their academies, but struggled to pass qualifications and lacked confidence shooting their handgun. At the same time, we have had master-class USPSA shooters attend this course and find the individualized instruction valuable.

Topics of instruction include:
-Safety &  Med brief
-Proper loading and unloading procedure
-Fundamentals of pistol marksmanship
-Practical Accuracy (dispelling the myth of “combat accuracy”)
-Walk back drill (shooting a handgun out to 100 yards)
-In and out of battery reloads
-Clearing a basic malfunction
-Recoil management
-Multiple shots on target

Student equipment:
-Modern, semi-automatic pistol and three magazines (we do not recommend very small, sub-compact pistols for this class for newer shooters).
-Sturdy belt
-A quality holster with a mouth that remains open after the draw. We recommend a standard, straight drop kydex holster. EDC/CCW holsters are appropriate for students who have more experience shooting and drawing from a holster. If this is your first time doing holster work, we strongly recommend a straight drop, kydex holster mounted at the 3 o’clock position (9 o’clock for lefties)
-At least two magazine pouches
-300 pistol rounds (we understand ammo supplies are limited. You can complete the course with fewer reps / performing some drills dry with approximately 150-200 rounds)
-Eye and ear protection
-Appropriate clothing for range & weather conditions (we will shoot in all weather conditions unless it is dangerous)
-Bugspray, suncreen, water & snacks (you will get about a 45 minute lunch break)